The paintings are informed by the landscape of my childhood in Illinois, inescapably horizontal, structured and partitioned.  Within the confines of a modified grid, color is the life force, the narrative of the paintings. Color choices embody a tension between intellect and intuition. The varying hues and intensity of the painted elements create push and pull within the space, creating movement and spatial illusion.

My mark-making is slow and resists shortcuts.  The paintings contain an aspect of time in the accretive effort of making them, a process similar to weaving or mosaic, where the accumulation of thousands of bits of information ultimately manifests the whole image.  

Compositional tools are limited to straight lines and simple shapes.  The large forms in the painting are placed with an eye for tensions at the edges and intersections, between stillness and movement, balance and imbalance. 

In a larger sense these paintings address my fascination with how things around me are fitted together and how they work.  The force of seemingly simple systems creating extraordinary results has always held my imagination.